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Tour-This.com Produces Aerial Videos and Photography

Let Tour-This.com enhance your Real Estate Property Sale with Aerial Video and Photography. Offer a perspective that cannot be seen with street level photos, give your clients the ability to showcase their shorefront, residential or business property and all of its vistas.

Using professional grade drones and producing HD quality images, will make your property stand out against the competition.

Tour-This.com adheres to all the FAA and local safety drone regulations.


True HD Video Walk Thru Tours

Did you know that slide shows are virtually invisible to search engines?

If search engines can't find them how will a buyer? Not so with real video. You get what you pay for…don't waste you hard earned money with invisible marketing strategies.

Video is THE most unique internet content and ranks highest with internet search engines( Google, Yahoo and Bing). This is certainly not the case with slideshow virtual tours.

Our HD Video Walk Thru Tours help our Realtor clients acquire more listings.

Tour-This is the premier provider of walk through video tours in NJ. Each tour includes Custom webpages, Agent branding, narration, aerial flydown perspective and Custom professional editing all at an affordable price. We have shot hundreds of walk thru videos thru out NJ and are expanding into NY. Ask your Broker for a video tour by Tour-This.com

You Need Photos?

Studies show that buyers would be more likely visit homes on the market that had online video (not slideshows) or professional photography associated with the listing. Plus, the perceive value is at least 10% higher. That could mean substantially more money in your pocket and your seller’s.


So, It’s time to put away the iPhone and the Point and shoot. Gone are the days of blurry, dark & out of focus pictures. Your job of selling homes just got easier.

For a very affordable investment, Tour-This will shoot approximately 25-50+ Hi-Res photos that are design to make that great first impression! OR Market your listing using the best of today’s internet technology with a search engine optimized HD VIDEO Tour-This Walk Through Video Tour AND we will include the pictures!!!


Video Camera

What are you waiting for? Order a Tour!

You've taken the first step, now take one more and complete this short form to help us know what you are looking for–Then we will contact you to schedule a quick session to get the details. Payment in full is required prior to filming. The video tour and photos created remain the sole property of Tour-This LLC. Order a Tour.
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We're Professionals:

Quality Video Services & Internet Marketing

Tour-This.com uses the right equipment for the job in order to depict your home best way possible. From the editing tools and web platform which is used to serve your listing to best practices of Internet Marketing. Video Walk-Through Tours from Tour-This.com offer your buyers a chance to see their "potential new homes" flow and continuity. Unlike todays Virtual Tours which are really disconnected images in a slide show.

Video Walk-Through Tours are also great for SEO. Video content is ranked highest by Search Engines (Google, Yahoo!, & Bing) and most Consumers prefer video to text and static images.

98% of home buyers search Online and usually only visit 12-15 homes before purchase. Don't you want yours to be one of those seen? Call us or complete the form so a Tour-This.com video specialist can schedule a free phone consultation today.